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Measuring performance for the customer

While many corporates have launched customer centricity programs, they also need to answer the question on how to measure their effectiveness in driving customer preference. Why is it important to measure performance for the customer, in addition to the traditional financial metrics? What are the right metrics and how to select them? This article will … Continue reading

The new normal is just a fast forward

Who would have ever imagined that in our lifetimes we would be wearing masks in the streets, international travels would have stopped and work from home would become the standard? Sociologists, politicians and corporates are devoting research and resources to predicting the upcoming world, “the new normal”. Has the world been really transformed by Covid-19 … Continue reading

Customer-focus? Customer-centric? Customer-led?

With the explosion of transparency in how brands manage and treat their customers (price comparisons, quality of service, brand reputation on social media – to quote only a few), more and more corporate have recognized that winning a customer is less and less about price competition and product differentiation, and more and more about providing … Continue reading